Newboot documentation
Please read before installing the new startup system of your C-One. click here.
Author: Jens Schönfeld

The C-One schematics
Intermediate version. These schematics do not show some of the jumper wires, and they don't show the Instant-On flash rework. However, you get a good idea of how the system is built, and if you have questions, we're happy to answer. The schematics can be downloaded here.
Author: Jeri Ellsworth

Every C-One is delivered with the "Instant-on" board, which is soldered to one of the clockports, the 3032 CPLD and two spots on the mainboard. Schematics to this little PCB can be viewed/downloaded here. Updated version june 1st, 2009.
Author: Jens Schönfeld

EP1K100 FPGA pin file
This file is for FPGA developers who want to make their own cores using the Quartus development software (free from Altera). Not all pins have been defined, as this only implements the GB muxer and the S-Ram on the CPU/RAM card. Get more pinout information from the schematics.
Author: Tobias Gubener

EP1K30 FPGA pin file
This file is for information only. Although it's possible to re-configure the 1k30 from the 1k100's side, we consider this to be the "step after next", so this file is provided for educational use only.
Author: Tobias Gubener

Graphics bus multiplexer (for historical reasons only, replaced by GBridge)
The two FPGAs are connected with an 8-bit bus that serves as communication channel between the two FPGAs. The 1k30 has all the VGA interfaces, but many cores will generate the picture in the 1k100. This subdesign will take your high-colour RGB data, your pixelclock, HSync and VSync and transport it over to the 1k30, which will display the data. The same file also transports audio data and recieves ROM data from the early startup menu "BigBoot". Build your own 1k100 cores around this file! AHDL file with comments currently in German.
Download: gbmux.tdf
Author: Tobias Gubener

Audio shifter (for historical reasons only, replaced by GBridge)
This might make it a little easier for you to bring your 16-bit stereo audio data into the right format that gbmux accepts. AHDL file, currently commented in German.
Download: audioshifter.tdf
Author: Tobias Gubener

Make-your-own-core tutorial
A small introduction to Quartus and the graphics bus multiplexer.
Follow this link
Authors: Tobias Gubener and Jens Schönfeld

This subdesign joins gbmux and the audio shifter, and adds a few new features. Use the latest system flash to use the new graphics modes.
Download: gbridge.tdf
GBridge documentation
Author: Tobias Gubener

C-One FPGA extender info
The C-One FPGA extender allows you to use a Minimig core with a HUGE Cyclone3 FPGA. Here's the part that's interesting for developers: The Schematics and the Quartus pin file, directly taken from the Minimig Quartus-project (meaning it's proven to work!).
Schematics: c1_extender_schem.pdf (updated november 22nd, 2008)
Quartus pin file
Authors: Tobias Gubener and Jens Schönfeld

BA-mod description
This board modification increases the cartridge port compatibility. All boards shipped after spring 2008 already have this mod installed. The mod is required for many cartridges out there, so it's recommended to keep your board consistent with the other boards out there.
download: C-1_Cartport_BA_Mod.pdf (february 1st, 2008)
Authors: Peter Wendrich and Jens Schönfeld

IDE mod description
This document describes a number of modifications that need to be done in order to activate the IDE ports of the C-One for the Minimig cores V1.25 and higher. Published on popular request.
download: C1_IDE_mods.pdf (february 1st, 2009)
Authors: Tobias Gubener and Jens Schönfeld

C-One core development documentation
This document answers all questions that a core developer might have. If you want to write a core, this is your main source of information. We're continuously working on this file, and should it leave any questions, feel free to ask. Your input is welcome!
download: cone_core_development.pdf (june 2nd, 2009)
Author: Peter Wendrich